Rethink Projects


Prioritized Projects by Rethink Charity

Through novel research and community building projects, The Rethink Charity project collective elevates the effective altruism community toward greater positive impact.


Rethink Priorities

Rethink Priorities is dedicated to doing foundational research on neglected causes in a highly empirical and transparent manner.


RC Forward

Rethink Charity Forward is a cause-neutral donation routing fund for high-impact charities around the world.


Local Effective Altruism Network

The Local Effective Altruism Network (LEAN) supports local groups working to bring effective altruism to a wider audience, and runs the EA Hub.


Effective Altruism Hub

The EA Hub enables and inspires collaboration between effective altruists by making it easier for people to network, and work together on promising initiatives.


Effective Altruism Survey

The EA survey provides an annual snapshot of effective altruism that has become a benchmark for better understanding the community since 2014.


Students for High-Impact Charity

Students for High-Impact Charity (SHIC) provides educational resources to teach young people about effective altruism concepts. The SHIC project has been suspended, however the SHIC workshop resources are available online for students and educators to use.